Magic Match

Magic Match

Magic Match by Condeminion is a shareware game for Windows

Magic Match by Condeminion is a shareware game for Windows. We can buy this game from the developer’s website. Alternatively, we can download the free demo version and play it for 60 minutes. It features nice graphics and lots of different games and puzzles. Merlin and his wise friend Giggles accompany us along the different stages of the game. There are three modes of play, Story Mode with 126 levels, Free Play Mode and Duel. In the Story Mode, we must travel along the realms and try to solve the puzzles and get the highest scores possible. Starting from the Realm of King Richard, we visit The Forest of the Druids, The Pirates Bay, and The Deserts of the Far East, The Marshy Jungles, and the Pits of the Underworld. The Duel mode consists of one player playing against the Computer, two players with one mouse playing against each other in turn in the same PC, or the option called Mouse Party (only for Windows XP) which consists in two mice connected to the same PC. There are instrumental musical, sound, and sound effects. While playing, we encounter a number of artifacts, such as Bonus Treasure, Boast Power, Freeze Power, Purify Water, etc., and Challenges, such as the Wooden Shield, Metal Shield, Mean Critter, Power Star, and Ice Tower.

Review summary


  • Beautifully designed graphics
  • Good quality game
  • Suitable for all ages
  • We can play against another player or the computer


  • None
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